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EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM is looking for 01 candidate for an internship position as Sales & Marketing Assistant.
Please send your CV and cover letter by email to the following recipient by 08 May 2016: Mr. Tran Tuan Nghia, +84 4 3942 6585, ext. 217


+ Professional, friendly and caring working environment
+ Green, elegant office with modern working facilities
+ Flexible working time
+ Great opportunities for learning and developing personal skills
+ Chances to travel and inspect destinations inside Vietnam
+ Incentives according to personal efforts and performance

Job Description

1. Contact with B2B customers
2. Market research
3. Support in VISA Sales
4. Give critical reviews and contribute to the improvements of the company’s website
5. Time commitment: Full-time during summer time is preferred

Skills and Qualities Required

1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
2. Proficient English, an official English certificate (IELTS, TOEIC, etc.) is highly required.
3. Working experience at English language center/ English club or other Call Center will be a competitive advantage.
4. Good teamwork and responsible
5. Good skills of office software (Word, Excel and others)


EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM is looking for 01 candidate for part-time position as PR & Marketing Assistant. Please send your CV, cover letter, past Design and Video work by email by 8 May 2016 to Mr. Tran Tuan Nghia, +84 4 3942 6585, ext. 217.

Job Description

1. Create consistent and quality Marketing Materials and Templates: brochures, flyers, infographics, website graphics, adverts, invitations, emails, video and tenders
2. Create and edit videos
3. Involve in copy-writing for social media channels, websites and design products
4. Support in filming and photographing of company-related events
5. Article writing
6. Others

Skill Requirements

1. Mastery of design softwares (for example, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) and video-making skills (use of camera and basic video-making softwares such as Movie Maker) is required.
2. A detail-oriented, clear-cut mind and sense of aesthetics are highly appreciated.
3. Fluency in English, especially in writing and reading, is highly appreciated.
4. Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills are required.
5. Ability to take initiatives and ownership of assigned work is highly recommended.
6. Extra credit is given to those with leadership and multi-tasking skills.