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EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM would like to wish you all the best for the Lunar New Year and delighted to publish our first newsletter of 2015. In this latest newsletter, we bring you up-to-date information about special products, hotels, festivals, travel tips, travel policies and weather in February and March in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.


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Sapa among world’s top 9 new tourist attractions

A highly acclaimed British website providing tourist information and guides, Rough Guides has listed Sapa - a mountainous district of Lao Cai province among top 9 new tourist attractions around the world.

The magazine suggested that if tourists want to reach the peak of Fansipan Mountain (3,143m), they can use a 20-minute flight by cable car instead of hiking all day.

“This will be the world’s longest and highest cable car, no less, running up from sleepy Sa Pa Town in Lao Cai Province to Indochina’s rooftop”, Rough Guides says.

“Enjoy the view from the summit before exploring Sapa itself, an isolated community set to become firmly established on the tourist trail – the cable car will transport 2,000 people per hour, the same number as reached the peak in an entire year previously”.

Rounding out the top five are Shanghai Tower (China), Lincoln Castle (the UK), the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), Ice Caves (Iceland),  Lost and Found festival (Malta), Dreamland (the UK), Treetop Crazy Rider (Australia), and Musée des Confluences (France).

(Source: Vietnam Tourism)

Vietnam stands out as best destination in 2015

Vietnam has come at the top of travelers’ list in 2015, the Canada’s CTV News and the Malay Mail reported on their websites on December 31st 2014.

The report is based on rankings and suggestions made by travel websites and guidebooks for the coming year.

According to experts, Vietnam has declared 2015 as its national year of tourism, meaning that there has never been a better time to visit. Special events and shows for tourists will be held at cultural heritage sites across the country, such as the imperial citadel of Thang Long in the capital of Hanoi.

Da Nang, a central city between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, topped the US-based Trip Advisor’s list of the best destinations of 2015. With its Buddhist sanctuaries and stunning beaches, the destination is winning over more and more members of the website’s travel community.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Telegraph Travel forecast the Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park in the north of Hoi An ancient town as the hottest Vietnamese destination next year.

(Source: CPV)

Da Nang ranks first among top 10 destinations on the rise for 2015

Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel website, has named the central coastal city of Danang as a top destination on the rise in Asia and the world.

“The port city of Danang is a beacon for foodies, who flock here to sample the famously fresh and bold flavors of Central Vietnamese cuisine,” said the magazine.

“Taste your way through the streets on a walking or biking culinary tour. Work off those bowls of spicy noodle soup with an exploration of the caves and grottos of the Marble Mountains. Be sure to time your nighttime stroll so you pass the Dragon Bridge when its “head” breathes fire over the River Han.”

Tran Chi Cuong, Deputy Director, Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Danang city said that he was really touched when knowing that Danang ranked first in the list for Travelers’ Choice Destination on the rise awards.

He stressed that Danang has a wide range of peaceful and beautiful natural landscapes that are great endorsements from travelers around the world.

(Source: VOV)

Hanoi to host craft villages’ exhibition

Hanoi’s traditional craft villages, with their centuries old cultural values and techniques passed down from generation to generation, have become increasingly popular with tourists.

To help promote the tourism potential of the villages, Heritage Space is organizing a cultural exhibition casting the spotlight on the villagers’ handiwork kicking off at 3pm on January 24 at Dolphin Plaza on 28 Tran Binh road.

In connection with the event, which runs through March 30, a representative of Heritage Space has also revealed that a large number of famous celebrities are planning to attend.

The organizing board plans on it becoming an annual event educating young people about their heritage and promoting tourism and small-scale manufacturing, the representative stressed.

(Source: VOV)


Elephant Racing Festival

Elephant racing festival is one of the biggest and unique festivals in Vietnam. The festival is held in the third lunar month but the preparation takes place for weeks beforehand. It takes place in Don village, which is renowned for highly skilled wild elephant M'nong trainers and lush dense forests near Srepok river.

The event begins with the sounding of tu va, a Vietnamese musical instrument made from animal horns. The elephants line up at the starting line to prepare for the 1 or 2 km long race. Each enormous creature is controlled by two jockeys; one to steer and the other to manage the speed, which can reach an incredible 25 miles per hour. Another blow from the tu va and the race begins, set to the sounds from spectators. The elephants are encouraged by the loud drumming of gongs. After the race, the elephants keep competing with each other in other games: swimming, tug-of-wars, playing footballs. The winning elephant is offered a laurel wreath, sugar cane and bananas and all ten contestants are rewarded with a refreshing swim across Serepok River. Spectators take part in a variety of activities such as riding elephant, drinking stem wine, dancing in the boisterous sounds of gongs and drums.

Giong Festival

The Giong festival is held annually in outlying districts of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Each spring, before the rice harvest, Vietnamese people commemorate the mythical hero, god and saint, Thanh Giong. He was credited with defending the country from foreign enemies. In addition, Thanh Giong is also worshipped as the patron god of the harvest, national peace and family prosperity.

According to cultural experts, the festivals were held in Phu Dong Temple (where Thanh Giong was born) and Soc Temple (where he ascended to heaven) are the most meaningful and notable, which have been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind. Depending on destinations, the festival takes place in different occasions in the year.

The Giong festival at Phu Dong temple takes place in the fourth lunar month in the village of his birth. Young men receive extensive training to play the roles of Flag Master, Drum Master, Gong Master, Army Master and Children's Master, while 28 girls aged 9 to 13 selected to play the enemy generals. The Flag Master's dancing movements and drum and gong sounds convey the development of the battle. And paper butterflies released from the flag symbolically disperse the invaders.

Perfume Pagoda Festival

Located in My Duc district, about 70 km away from Hanoi to the south, Perfume Pagoda (Chùa Hương) is one of the largest religious sites in Vietnam. Together with Bai Dinh and Yen Tu Pagoda Festival, Huong Pagoda Festival is among the greatest Buddhist festival in Northern Vietnam.

The festival is divided into two parts: ceremonies and entertaining activities. Ceremonial rituals consist of incense offering procession and Zen ceremony in which monks and Buddhists offer incense, flowers, candles and fruits. During the ceremony, there are two monks performing dances. Beside with ceremony, entertaining activities include enjoying boat cruise along Yen stream, watching picturesque scenery, climbing mountain and exploring holy caves. It is believed that climbing up the top of Huong Tich Mountain will bring you fulfillment and great success in life.

Tourists have chance to taste three famous delicacies which are bamboo shoot, Sang vegetables and grinding roots. At the beginning of the festival, tourists are overwhelmed by the white color of apricot flowers covering the mountain. The festival lasts for three months from the first to the third lunar month. The official opening day for the festival is on the 6th day of the first lunar month.


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The festive season has just begun throughout the country. Among festivals, the Huong Pagoda Festival is one of the largest festivals in the north. Coming here, you will witness a special culture of the Vietnam as well as admire extremely beautiful scenery with a Day Trip tour to the Perfume Pagoda. For tour details, please click here.


Phu Quoc is surrounded by 40 kilometers of white beaches decorated with coconut palms, situated in the Gulf of Thailand near the Cambodian border. For tour details, please click here.

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Weather in Vietnam

February comes with a brighter weather. In every part of the country, the climate is less moisture and drier. It makes perfect time to go to magnificent beaches and enjoy sunshine. Especially from Danang to the south, a dry weather is good news for sun worshippers. At the north, the sky is clearer with a low rainfall. Trekking seems to be the best choice in mountainous regions of Sapa, Ha Giang and Moc Chau. Still in the spring time, March is ranked among best time to visit Vietnam. Consequently, this time is the rush season for travelers. Conditions are at their very best along the whole country. The climate of the north is brighter but still cool. Meanwhile in the central and the south, people are enjoying hot weather with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. March is also the perfect time for those who want to take part in trekking or adventure activities.

Weather in Laos

The dry season continues throughout February, promising premium travelling conditions throughout Laos. Whilst little or no rain is expected across the country, temperatures remain moderate with Vientiane and Luang Prabang averaging 26°C whilst further to the south temperatures are a little higher, averaging 30°C or just tipping into the low 30’s°C in some parts.

Temperatures tend to increase across the country as we enter the penultimate dry-season month. The chances of rain remain very slim across the country and the mercury starts to rise with average temperatures of 29°C in Vientiane and Luang Prabang and 33°C further to the south. If you visit the north and east of the country, at higher altitudes, temperatures remain much cooler especially at night and suitable warm clothing is helpful.

Weather in Cambodia

It’s all good news in February with favorable weather conditions expected throughout the country. The hottest months of the year are just around the corner so temperatures gradually rise throughout the month. Despite this February is quite cool, averaging around 27°C across the country, meaning long days at the Angkor temples far more manageable although lunch time shade is still most welcome. The weather in March is excellent. Temperatures across the country are still increasing and throughout the month are likely to average close to 30°C, perhaps higher as April approaches. Long days exploring the Angkor Temples can be hard work and therefore taking a break back at your hotel in the middle of the day is highly recommended. The beaches on the south coast are in full bloom with the chance of rain extremely unlikely all the way from the western corner of Koh Kong all the way across to Kep and Kampot close to the Vietnamese border.

(Source: Selective Asia)



Spring comes with thousands of festivals held throughout the country. Especially, Tet Festival is the biggest holiday in February and kicks off the festive season in the country. Let’s check out some useful tips as below.

1. Apply for a visa as soon as possible

Governmental bodies are officially closed from February 15th to February 23rd. Therefore, it is necessary to apply for a visa as soon as you can if you intend to travel to Vietnam on this time of year. For further information, please contact us and we will help you to get Vietnam visa on arrival smoothly and quickly.

2. Book in advance

You should obviously book everything in advance if you wish to visit Vietnam on the peak season, at least about one month before your arrival date. Transportation means is an important matter. Reserve your airplane tickets, trains or buses should be done quickly as soon as you come here. If you wish to book with us, we are always ready to make your dream vacation come true.

3. Ask us for shops closed/opened during Tet

Our travel experts are always happy to provide you everything you need to know before you go. Please do not hesitate to drop us a message. We will be your best travel guide wherever you go. But if you wish to find shops yourselves, just ask us for some tips. Please note many shops/restaurants are only closed just two days (on 18th and 19th only) in shopping malls as Vincom or Trang Tien plaza, and around the famous Old Quarters in Hanoi.

4. Be careful with high prices!

It is good to know that during Tet, everything will be surcharged, especially in three first days of Tet. This is because people have to go to work extras. As a result, businesses will have to charge you approximately 10% based on your receipt. Accept that as a part of your holiday to avoid unnecessary stress and fully enjoy your holidays.

5. Experience a homestay with local people

Take your chance to explore a traditional Tet in a Vietnamese family. It brings you a great insight into local culture. For example, every day of the first three days will be for showing gratitude to the father (1st day), the mother (2nd day), the teachers (3rd day). More interestingly, treat your tongue with a plentiful of delicious traditional foods during Tet.




Salinda Phu Quoc Resort and Spa is the first 5 star resort in Phu Quoc, standing proudly on 2.5 hectares of grounds only 4 km away from international airport of Phu Quoc by enchanting sea shore and peaceful town of Duong Dong. The Resort is inspired by interplay of rustic local heritage with contemporary design. An unprecedented commitment to innovation and authentic local traditions is reflected in every feature of 121 rooms and villas with private balconies, embodying the inherent essence of luxury experience with understated beauty and enchanting spirit of the pearl of Asia.


Less than 45 minutes from Noi Bai (HAN) International Airport, Hilton Hanoi Opera hotel is at the center of the upmarket Hoan Kiem district, within walking distance to Hanoi’s thriving central business district and beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarters.


Famiana Resort & Spa would like to inform our valued customers that the Famiana Resort & Spa - Green Villa Zone has launched 40 Bungalows and surrounded by lush tropical gardens with exotic flowers and trees. It is spacious from 40 to 360 square meters with double, twin or triple bed includes private balconies or lanai. If you want to enjoy your time at the beach, you have to pass through the street to visit Famiana private beach and the tram-car is available on your request. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your family to Famiana Resort & Spa.



The Ang Thong Boutique Hotel is situated in the convenient area for the city center and suburb travelers. It is easy access to the Luang Prabang Street, so-called “Sisavangvong Road”. This is the ideal starting point for your journey of discovery through Luang Prabang Heritage Town with its rich history and cultural diversity.


In a capital city which is famous for its temples and monuments, Lao Plaza Hotel has been created to dominate the growing skyline. As the country's first official 5 star hotel, the Lao Plaza Hotel is the center of the emerging capital's business and entertainment world.


Set on a large garden estate, Amantaka is housed in graceful French colonial buildings in the UNESCO protected town of Luang Prabang. Airy and elegant throughout, the décor and furnishings reflect the town’s French colonial history. Situated just south of Phousi Hill, the resort is within strolling distance of the boutiques, bakeries and restaurants lining the town’s main street. The fabled night market, the picturesque banks of the Mekong River and the former Royal Palace are also nearby.



Situated in the center of Siem Reap, an easy walk to the restaurants and bars of Pub Street and The Old Market or Psa Cha, The Bayon Boutique is a cool oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Cross the causeway into our resort through lush vegetation and walls adorned with flowering orchids, spy the salt water swimming pool, revive with a cold drink in The Victory Gate Restaurant & Bar, take a tantalizing glimpse of our unique gallery or retreat and relax with a massage in your spacious room.


Suorkear Boutique Hotel & Spa, is a heaven of tranquility, features 15 spacious rooms & suites and is located close to the town and in the middle of local cultivated village called Sala Kamroeuk- Wat Damnak village, Sala Kamroeuk commune, 20 minutes away from the airport and the Angkor Wat Complex.


Located in the lovely area of Psa Leu Market, Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel enjoys a commanding position in the sightseeing, restaurants, culture hub of Siem Reap. The city center is merely 1.50 km away and the airport can be reached within minutes. No less exceptional is the hotel’s easy access to the city’s myriad attractions and landmarks, such as Phsar Leu Local Market, Pha Samaki Shopping Center, Wat Po Lang Ka. Offering hotel guests superior services and a broad range of amenities, Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel is committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. Guests of the hotel can enjoy on-site features like laundry service, concierge, family room, poolside bar, dry cleaning.



Well-placed in the culture, religious interests, sightseeing area of Yangon city, Rose Garden Hotel provides a most conducive spot for you to take a break from your busy days. Situated only 2.4 km from the city center, guests are well located to enjoy the town's attractions and activities. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city's must-see destinations.


Amata Garden Resort is surrounded on the eastern banks of the Inle Lake, the vast stretch of tranquil and soothing backwaters and the emerald green Shan Hills map. The place itself is wrapped in quiet charms of its own. Since Amata Garden Resort is the only high rise with 3 story hotel in this area, guests can enjoy an unbroken view of the Inle Lake and the mountains.


Mandalay Hill Resort lies at the foot of Mandalay Hill with a panoramic view of a myriad of pagodas and faces the distinctive architecture of the Royal Palace and its beautiful moat. Your visit enhanced by the fun-loving hospitable people of Myanmar whose lives remain simple and relaxed will become treasured and timeless memories. Just one hour by air from Yangon and twenty minutes flight from Bagan, Mandalay lies within reach of some of most remarkable archaeological sites in the world that has inspired visitors to Myanmar for nearly a thousand years.


A new immigration policy has been launched since 1st Jan 2015. Here is a brief of Law No. 47/2014/QH13 on 16th June 2014 on entry, exit, transit, and residence status of foreigners in Viet Nam.


a. Types of visas:

  • Visa sticker: is a visa labeled directly into a passport;
  • Not in the list of export prohibitions or restrictions;

b. The validity:

  • Single entry visa is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for one time.
  • Multiple entry visa is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for more than one time.

c. Visa categories:

  • NG1 - issued to members of delegations invited by the General Secretary of the Communist Party, the President, the Chairman of the National Assembly, and the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.
  • NG2 - issued to members of delegations invited by the Standing Secretariat of the Viet Nam’s Communist Party, the Vice President, the Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly, the Deputy Prime Minister, the President of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, the Chief Justice of the People’s Supreme Court, the Chief Procurator of the People’s Supreme Procuracy, the President of State Auditor; members of delegations invited by Ministers and equivalents, the provincial and municipal Party Committee Secretary, the People’s Council Chairman and People’s Committee Chairman of cities and provinces under the central administration.
  • NG3 - issued to members of diplomatic and consular missions, representative offices of international organizations under the United Nations and inter-governmental organizations; and their spouses, children under 18 years of age, and their private servants during their term of office.
  • NG4- issued to working partners of diplomatic and consular missions, representative offices of international organizations under the United Nations and inter-governmental organizations, visitors of members of the diplomatic and consular missions, representative offices of international organizations under the United Nations and inter-governmental organizations.
  • LV1 - issued to working partners of committees, agencies under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Viet Nam; the National Assembly, the Government, the Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy, State Audit Agency, Ministries, ministerial and governmental agencies, the provincial and municipal Party Committee, the People’s Councils, the People’s Committees of cities and provinces under the central administration.
  • LV2 - issued to working partners of socio-political organizations, social organizations, Viet Nam’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • DT - issued to foreign investors and foreign lawyers operating in Viet Nam.
  • DN - issued to working partners of Viet Nam businesses.
  • NN1 - issued to the chief representative of representative offices/ projects of international organizations and foreign NGOs in Viet Nam.
  • NN2 - issued to the heads of representative offices, branches of foreign businesses; representative offices of foreign economic, cultural, and other professional institutions in Viet Nam.
  • NN3 - issued to working partners of foreign NGOs, representative offices, branches of foreign businesses, representative offices of foreign economic, cultural, and other professional institution in Viet Nam.
  • DH - issued to interns, students.
  • HN - issued to conference/seminar attendants.
  • PV1 - issued to resident foreign correspondents and reporters in Viet Nam.
  • PV2 - issued to foreign correspondents/reporters with short-term visa to Viet Nam.
  • LD - issued to workers/laborers.
  • DL - issued to tourists.
  • TT - issued to foreigner who is spouse, children under 18 years of age of the foreigner who has been granted LV1/LV2/ĐT/NN1/NN2/DH/PV1/LĐ visa, or to a foreigner who is parent, spouse, and children of a Vietnamese citizen.
  • VR - issued to applicant who visit relatives or enter Viet Nam for other purposes.
  • SQ – The head of Viet Nam’s mission abroad is eligible to issue up-to-30-day visa for foreigners who enter Vietnam for the purpose of market survey, tourism, visiting relatives, or medical treatment in following cases:
    • a) A person who has working relations with the Viet Nam’s visa granting agency abroad and his/her spouse and children; or a person who applies for Viet Nam visa with a request (in written form) of a competent agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country;
    • b) A person who holds a guarantee diplomatic note issued by the diplomatic missions or consular agencies based in the host country.

d. Visa validity duration:

  • SQ visa is valid for up to 30 days
  • HN, DL visa  is valid for up to  3 months
  • VR visa is valid for up to 6 months
  • NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, LV1, LV2, DN, NN1, NN2, NN3, DH, PV1, PV2 and TT visa is valid for up to 12 months
  • LD visa is valid for up to 2 years
  • DT visa is valid for up to 5 years
  • Expired visas can be subject to visa renewal
  • Visa validity shall be at least 30 days shorter than passport or international travel document validity.


  • 01 Application form (in provided format) with an attached photo;
  • Passport or passport substitute;
  • Visa approval document issued by the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) or the Consular Department, the Department of External Relations of the Ho Chi Minh City (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). NG3, NG4 visa applicants can submit a Diplomatic note of Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the diplomatic mission/consular agency in the host country instead of the above mentioned visa approval document.
  • Notes:       
    + Foreigners should: (i) contact and request the agency, organization, individual who is the inviter or sponsor in Vietnam to handle procedures for visa approval document issued by the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) or the Consular Department, the Department of External Relations of the Ho Chi Minh city (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or (ii) contact Vietnamese missions abroad for more detail instructions.      
    + SQ visa applicants should contact Vietnamese missions abroad for detail instructions.       
    + Passport validity must be at least 01 month longer than the applied visa validity. However, many airlines require passport validity of at least 06 months for eligibility.       
    + An overseas Vietnamese without passport wishing to enter Viet Nam for the purpose of visiting relatives and holding documents valid for entry/exit into/from his/her country of residence which is issued by the competent authority of his/her country of residence and officially informed to Viet Nam through the diplomatic channel should submit the visa application form and the above mentioned valid entry/exit document.      
     + Stateless persons who wish to enter Viet Nam for the purpose of visiting relatives or tourism should submit visa application form and valid international travel documents issued by his/her country of residence.


  • NG1 and NG2 visas are issued within 01 working day from the day the Viet Nam’s mission abroad receives valid and complete visa applications and visa approval granted by the Consular Department or the Department of External Affairs of Ho Chi Minh city.
  • Other types of visas are issued within 03 working days from the day the Viet Nam’s mission abroad receives valid and complete visa applications, and visa approval granted by the Immigration Department, Consular Department or the Department of External Affairs of Ho Chi Minh city.


  • Holder of a valid passport running out of blank page for a visa sticker.
  • Holder of a passport issued by a country that has not yet to establish diplomatic/consular relations with Viet Nam.
  • Holder of a valid international travel document.
  • For diplomatic, national defense, and security purposes.


a. The following foreigners are eligible for visa on arrival:

  • Departing from a country where there is no competent Vietnamese visa-granting authority;
  • Travelling through many countries before entering Viet Nam;
  • Visiting Viet Nam on tours organized by an international travel agency operated in Viet Nam;
  • Foreign crewmembers on board vessels anchored in Vietnam’s seaport wishing to exit through other border checkpoint;
  • Visiting Viet Nam to attending a relative’s funeral or visit a seriously ill family member;
  • Entering Viet Nam to engage in emergency response, search/rescue activities, disaster or epidemic control or for other special purposes at the request of the competent authority in Viet Nam.

b. Before entering Viet Nam, applicants for visa on arrival must apply for a visa approval for picking up visa at the border checkpoint issued by the Immigration Department, the Consular Department or the Department of External Affairs of Ho Chi Minh city.

c. Foreigners eligible for visa on arrival shall submit their passports or international travel documents and fill in the visa application form with an attached photo at the Viet Nam’s border control authority. Over-14-year-old children sharing passport with others must fill in a separate visa application form.

d. The visa on arrival shall be granted after the Viet Nam’s border control authority completes checking applicant’s information and the visa approval.

(Source: Ministry of Vietnam Foreign Affairs of Vietnam’s official website)

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